Sweepstakes app
Mobile app for Android and IOS

The sweepstakes app allows you to scan receipts, enter data for registering for the giveaway, and randomly choose the winners.

Invoice scanning and recognition

By scanning the receipt, it is uploaded to the server, and using OCR (Optical Character Recognition), the text from the invoice is recognized for the purpose of detecting data on items on the invoice.

Choosing the winners

All entries for the giveaway are stored in the database, and the winners are drawn daily by random selection.

Custom design

The app as a natural continuation of your presence on the web and social networks.

Try it - You will love it!

augmented reality is not the future

Contest app with integrated AR

Client: Heineken   |   Brand: Karlovačko

First screen
Karlovačko contest - first screen
Karlovačko contest - scanning
Contestant data entry
Karlovačko contest - data entry
Confirmation and thank you
Karlovačko contest - confirmation and thank you
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